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As I Am, As You Were
Debut album by Eric McGarry


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As I wrote and performed these pieces over the last few years, I was often looking for inspiration in the natural world, my own personal relationships, and my thoughts on authenticity and identity. Within each of these influences, I found myself reflecting on the nature of change. As a result, these compositions naturally complement each other, communicating the feelings on change I’ve observed within myself and the world around me. I am very excited to share this music and display this chapter of my life.


-Eric McGarry

Eric McGarry is a guitarist, composer, and educator based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


McGarry is a graduate of the University of the Arts with a Master of Music in Jazz Studies.  Prior to completing his Master of Music, McGarry earned a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance with Honors, and a Minor in Music Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology from the University of the Arts.


McGarry has studied with prominent guitarists Dave Allen, Matt Davis, Tim Motzer, Kevin Hanson, Mike Kennedy, and Ben O’Neill. While attending UArts, McGarry held the guitar chair for the award winning Z Big Band, under the direction of Matt Gallagher.


In 2019, McGarry was named a recipient of the Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency, a selective program reserved for fifteen of the nations finest collegiate musicians. In 2022 McGarry was a member of Jazz Philadelphia's Core Cooperative, an entrepreneurship and wellness program focused on nurturing the Philadelphia jazz scene.


McGarry’s main creative project, the Eric McGarry Quintet focuses on performing his original compositions. They can be found regularly at venues like Chris’ Jazz Cafe, where McGarry recently hosted the Friday night jam sessions. Recently, McGarry was a featured artist at the Philadelphia Free Library. 

As I Am, As You WereEric McGarry
00:00 / 06:56

Mervin Toussaint
Micah Graves
Pete Dennis
Steven Perry


Recorded at Turtle Studios
Produced by Ross Bellenoit and Eric McGarry
Recorded and Mixed by Sean Svadlenak
Mastered by Doug Raus
Artwork by Tony DiGiugno

The new record from Eric McGarry has a highly developed vision in both sound and composition. Each piece feels like a chapter in a novel that has something to say about the nature of change. There are great performances from everyone involved, which results in a cohesive - sounds like a real band - kind of consistency. Eric is a thoughtful player and composer who is not afraid to leave space. The arrangements are not rushed and allow for a kind of lyricism that is song-like, while still being rhythmically and harmonically sophisticated. Overall, this is a refreshing addition to the modern jazz library and I look forward to hearing this artist's future projects.


-Dave Allen (Guitarist & Composer)

When the opportunity came to help bring Eric McGarry’s beautiful music into a fully realized piece of magic, I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity… Eric’s compositions, and the way he presents them, are beautiful snapshots of light and shade. They are lyrical. They are poetic. They are daring. They are the perfect avenue for Eric to allow his musical voice to sing. Mervin ToussaintMicah GravesSteven Perry, and Pete Dennis all support his vision in a mellifluent and democratic way, allowing their own voices to shine through at just the right moments. I’ve been a listener all my life; …It’s records like this that remind me to keep on listening.


-Ross Bellenoit (Producer, Guitarist, Songwriter, & Composer)

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